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Red Cabbage 02/11/2013

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With arguably the harshest of critique hats on we decided to ignore all the recent hype surrounding this restaurant and judge Red Cabbage as we always do, by the strictest of measures, allowing very little room for error from the kitchen. Determined to experience both the food and service for ourselves, independent of other reviews, we opted to sample the 7 course degustation. What followed left most of us lost for words.

There is no better way to describe this dinner than to compare it to a perfect harmony of flavour, creativity and technique, all of which was flawlessly complemented by excellent service. It did not take long for us to acknowledge how far Red Cabbage had come since its inception into the restaurant scene in Perth and it was clearly evident why Scott O’Sullivan was crowned the Good Food Guide’s Chef of the Year for 2014.

Often offered up at the end of the main meal and prior to dessert we were, on this occasion, presented with a palate cleanser on arrival; an orange sphere in a Montenegro foam. An excellent idea as it inadvertently puts you into a state of anticipation for what lies ahead.

After reading many reviews both good and bad we were glad for the opportunity to sample Chef O’Sullivan’s uniquely inspired menu and make a judgement for ourselves. It was without a doubt a memorable dining experience where certain dishes left an imprint that we knew we would be talking about in months if not years to come. How often can one say that about any particular dish on any given day, leave alone in Perth!

Red Cabbage – Average overall rating (based on food, service, atmosphere): 8.5/10

Course 1

Amuse Bouche: Goats cheese, roasted beetroot, almonds, crouton & port jelly

Ordered by: Rickie, Ms D, Mel, Emer, Joey

Average rating: 7.2/10

Amuse Bouche

Course 2

Scallops, cured salmon & curry

Ordered by: Rickie, Ms D, Mel, Emer, Joey

Average rating: 8.3/10

Salmon & Scallop

Course 3

South West marron, pork braise, mushroom & tamarind

Ordered by: Rickie, Ms D, Mel, Emer, Joey

Average rating: 8.5/10

 Marron & Pork Braise

Course 4

Flinders Island wallaby, beetroot & pumpkin

Ordered by: Ms D, Emer, Joey

Average rating: 6.8/10



Ocean trout, cauliflower purée, pickled cauliflower & croquettes

Ordered by: Rickie, Mel

Average rating: 7.5/10

Ocean Trout

Course 5

Cheese course: White chocolate and pumpkin ganache, blue cheese and cheddar grumble, pear sorbet & blue cheese

Ordered by: Rickie, Ms D, Mel, Emer, Joey

Average rating: 9.6/10

Cheese course

Course 6

Pre-dessert: Nutmeg parfait, on salted caramel, apple & rhubarb with a hazelnut crumble

Ordered by: Rickie, Ms D, Mel, Emer, Joey

Average rating: 8.3/10

Pre Dessert

Course 7

Dessert: Burnt honey parfait & mango

Ordered by:  Ms D, Emer

Average rating: 8.3/10

Honey Parfait


Raspberry custard, rhubarb, lemon sorbet &lemon powder

Ordered by:  Mel

Average rating: 8/10

Rhubarb Dessert


Dessert: Chocolate & raspberry sorbet

Ordered by:  Rickie, Joey

Average rating: 7.3/10

 Choc Dessert

Complimentary petit fours

Cold caramel popcorn, mulled wine jellies, chocolate truffle & raspberry filled short bread

 Petit Fours



Joey – There were several highlights to this dinner, so I will choose my most notable for the evening. Course 2, the perfectly cooked sweet scallops matched with a somewhat acidic curry and accompanied by a slice of cured salmon that radiated in colour, was ecstasy on a plate! A bonus was that the visual presentation of this dish grabbed my attention from the moment it was set in front of me (unfortunately the pictures do it no justice). Now Course 5 “THE CHEESE COURSE “ – needless to say I was expecting a cheese board with a dollop of quince and a few lavosh crackers and maybe a scattering of dried fruit and nuts – the stock- standard these days. But Red Cabbage you certainly did impress me with your take on a cheese course, the sweetness from the white chocolate and pumpkin ganache against the cheddar crumble and the freshness of the pear sorbet combined with the saltiness of the blue cheese – I can honestly say I did not want this dish to come to an end. Unfortunately, my main course did not quite reach the same high note as my other dishes. A newbie to wallaby and keen to sample this Aussie native I was disappointed by the flavour and texture. I almost expected a somewhat gamey wholesome flavour that one gets from Kangaroo but I soon discovered that Wallaby is a very bland meat. The cut itself was quite tough to get through so this added to my disappointment.  However, all the other components did bring this whole dish into balance and saved my main meal for me. But one flaw did not detract from the other 7 courses, petit fours included.   


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